Monday, December 24, 2012

Alex und der Löwe (2010)

Alex und der Löwe (2010)


An excellent piece of European gay cinema! 100 well-spent minutes! "Alex and Leo" proves that a great movie doesn't necessarily need a big budget if the chemistry between the actors is right. And the acting in "Alex and Leo" is wonderful! Hard to say whether German porn icon Marcel Schlutt is a good actor or not, but he's cast perfectly as Leo in this droll romantic comedy that features Spanish actor André Schneider (from "La paz de tus ojos tristes") as his love interest. (Schneider has become a little chubby, but let me tell you, he has the movie world's most beautiful eyes since young Paul Newman!) They fall in love immediately but have some mild trouble in the process of becoming a couple. Of course, "Alex and Leo" has a happy ending. We know it as soon as Schlutt and Schneider meet in a hip Kreutzberg bar, and the movie doesn't ruin our expectations. (A little more nudity from Schlutt and Schneider during their sex scene would have been appreciated, though.) There are some mind-blowing performances from the supporting cast as well (Udo Lutz as Toby the Super-bitch is comedy at its best!), and the music is great, too. A movie that makes me wanna go and see Europe. They seem to have the hottest men on earth.


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