Saturday, December 22, 2012

Song of the Loon (1970)

Song of the Loon (1970)



A mystical love story... combining elements of Hudson's "Green Mansions" and the works of Jean Genet. Unique, inimitable and wholly unforgettable!

This film is available. I got a copy and enjoyed it. I suggest you read the book (it is available again)and then watch the movie. Some of the actions in the movie are explained in the book so it makes better sense. If you watch this movie understanding when it was made and the attitude toward gay books and movies, it is amazing it was made at all. The story tells of love and learning between several men and shows the problems the characters had in the story still exist today. The acting is a little stilted and the filming was not great; however, it is a classic which will go down in movie history as ground breaking. I hope you can get a copy to watch.


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