Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Morgan (2012)

Morgan (2012)


Morgan (Leo Minaya) is a cyclist recently paralyzed after a bad accident in a race through Central Park.  He’s lost purpose and is leading an aimless life.  Though he has a loving mother (Madalyn McKay) and loyal friend Lane (Darra Boyd) who care deeply for him and are there to help him, Morgan cannot motivate.  But everything changes one day as he is rolling through the park and meets Dean (Jack Kesy).  They have small talk, and Dean asks Morgan if he wants to get together for dinner.  As they navigate the early parts of their relationship Morgan gains confidence, and Dean brings out the fun & caring side of him.  Soon Morgan is training to run the race that changed his life in their handicap division.  But the training is proving too much for him, and Morgan’s doctor advises him not to race.  Though everyone in his life who cares for him is saying not to race–including Dean–Morgan wants to continue.  Does Morgan jeopardize his health, his relationship with Dean, and possibly his life to gain back a presumed lost dignity?  Will his competitive nature overpower his better judgement?

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