Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nights in black leather (1973) Peter Berlin

Nights in black leather (1973) Peter Berlin


The homosexual adventures of a young German set out to discover the night life and the thrills of San Francisco.
Nights in Black Leather is a most enjoyable film about the adventures in San Francisco of gay porn icon, Peter Berlin.

The cinematography is superb, the acting is convincing and the plot is one of eroticism and sensitivity; A candid exposition of gay male sexuality as well as a celebration of the beautiful male form.

In this film, the astonishingly beautiful Peter Berlin eloquently narrates to his viewers the letter he is composing to his close friends back home in Germany; describing the erotic adventures he has experienced during his first while in San Francisco.

The audience is taken on a journey they soon won't forget as they join this master of seduction in the most daring and sexually charged cruising experiences of all time.

Although this is basically a soft-core film, the viewer will never feel a lack of sensuality or sexual dynamic.

The viewer is treated so several steamily erotic scenarios in which the stunning and (always) well-dressed Berlin showcases his beauty,sex-appeal and personally designed wardrobe in a manner which depicts the height of male sexuality, style ,confidence, grace, power and beauty.

This film is plot-driven and extremely interesting from beginning to end; stimulating all the senses.

The soundtrack features music by the immensely talented Claude Debussy and is a testament to Berlin's good breeding and fine taste.

This is a very intelligent and well-made film which I recommend to anyone with a sense of appreciation of male sexuality.

Not only a "must watch" film, more so, a must OWN. One viewing proves never enough.

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