Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Pretty Boys (2011)

The Pretty Boys (2011)


I won't bother here to write a full-length review about this excellent film, since I wrote what I really wanted to say about it in my review for Amazon's WWW sites and I don't have to plaster the Internet with what I have to say. However, the 3.5 average rating on this site that has accrued so far simply is injustice beyond conception! Perhaps some who detest all things gay resulted in such an absurdly low rating. 

"The Pretty Boys", just on the musical level, is exceedingly good; as a gay film, it ranks among the very top contenders, in my book. The male actors are beautiful men who know how to act and to perform musically and cinematically. See it, get the DVD, judge for yourselves. (And read my Amazon review!)


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