Monday, February 4, 2013

Das Flüstern des Mondes - Whispering Moon (2006)

Das Flüstern des Mondes - Whispering Moon (2006)


Subtitles hardcoded English

A really visually fun film about a two guys, one mute, in some kind of relationship and their project to film a documentary related to some homicides of politicians by the use of deadly frogs suspected to be bred in a circus. The film is set in a future(?) where conspiracy theories bloom, after the NASA admits hoaxing the moon landing, but what's really interesting about the film are their visuals. As one of the main characters narrates the story in a rather magical aesthetic, it is visually manipulated, there's the use of this effect of having a hand from outside the action lighting cigarettes or wiping yogurt off the mute guy's face, while at other times a computer menu simply irrupts into the scene to do things like flushing the toilet, adding the right music or setting the moon's phase, amongst many other things like texts, censorship bands or a couple of interruptions with "Movie Quizzes" where the mute re-enacts a film and you have options displayed. Add some really colorful characters like a girl allergic to light, a rather creepy mayoress, the circus people and the TV clips by the mute guy's journalist mother and her guests, and you have a film that's really fun to watch.


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