Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mango Souffle (2002)

Mango Souffle (2002)


Subtitles hardcoded English

The first part of the film it retraces tired steps from American flicks like "Boys in the Band." A party begins with a cast from "stereotypes 'R us." Luckily the film quickly shifts to higher gears as painful truths collide among family and friends. I don't want to tell any additional details: I hope that potential viewers give this film a well-deserved chance. Perhaps this film isn't a rarity in India – I'm clueless on this point. Yet, an Indian film dealing with both gay men and closeted men haunted by others' expectations must represent some risk-taking on the part of the cast, crew and production people. I hope this one meets with sufficient success as to leave the closet open for more of its kind.


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