Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SENNOSC (2008) Somnolence

SENNOSC (2008) Somnolence



How To Find & Add Subtitles To A Movie

Magdalena Piekorz's debut film Pręgi / The Welts was an event. It won the Golden Lions - Main Prize at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia as well as the prizes for cinematography, costumes, sound, and the audience award - the Golden Claqueur for the film which was applauded the longest at the festival. Polish critics gave the picture equally high marks, hailing it as the best Polish film of the season, as did members of the Polish Film Academy, granting The Welts an Eagle - Polish Film Award for the best film of the year (the first time ever that this honour fell to a debuting director). These artistic successes were accompanied by commercial success - The Welts drew over 400,000 people to Polish cinemas, which for a domestic production is a number far above the average. Another fact testifying to audiences' appreciation for the film and its director was its winning "Film" monthly's prestigious Golden Duck poll.

Senność / Drowsiness is the second feature in the young director's output. We waited four years; does it come up to expectations? Has Magdalena Piekorz successfully cleared the "second film threshold", allegedly the most difficult in any director's career? The audience's reaction at the Gdynia festival left no room for doubt; Piekorz's film was applauded the longest of all the films in the competition - Drowsinesswon the Golden Claqueur.


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