Friday, February 15, 2013

The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes (2009)

The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes (2009)


Nothing could prepare John (Tim Swain) for the changes that would occur in his life following the death of childhood friend Kevin (Josh Ubaldi). Shortly before Kevin's passing, John accuses him of never telling him the beginning or ending of a story. Rather it's "always a headlong plunge into drama." Little does John know that he's about to take a similar plunge after he meets the mysterious Solange (Mahogany Reynolds), a B-movie actress in low-budget Italian horror films, at Kevin's funeral. Within minutes of meeting him, Solange offers John a job as a production/personal assistant for "The Untourist Guide," a food/lifestyle magazine/show she is planning to do in Europe. Before you can say "passport," John quits his boring cubicle job in Boston and relocates to Paris with Solange. Todd Verow's film, based on the novel by Jim Dwyer (who also wrote the screenplay for Verow's controversial movie version of Dennis Cooper's "Frisk"), makes good use of the European locations. Verow also elicits honest performances from his lead actors, brightening the dark subject matter. (Gregg Shapiro)


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