Friday, March 29, 2013

Keillers Park (2006)

Keillers Park (2006)


Subtitles hardcoded English

When i watch this film it was like i already saw it. A married man in is late 30's make is coming out and leave is wife. the other man he fall in love with is kill and he's the prime suspect.They show us the love story whit flashback when he pass is interrogation. The story line is the same as other coming out movies, the problem to be accepted by the family and the society whit a little twist ( i say little ) at the end. Not enough fresh for a movie fan but enjoyable on TV for an housewife on a rainy afternoon. Sorry! By chance the cast save this movie again. The Algerian boyfriend is a delight to watch and the discomfort of the co-worker is well done. But again, this is not enough. Watch instead the British movies GET REAL or BEAUTIFUL THINGS, these are powerful coming out film.


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