Sunday, March 17, 2013

La meilleur façon de marcher (1976) The Best Way to Walk

La meilleur façon de marcher (1976) The Best Way to Walk



This film shows marvelously well how adult people can act like children and be cruel exactly in the same way. As everybody knows, if you are different (best example: you don't like sports...), you always can find a bastard to make fun of you. Here, the "bastard" is played by Patrick Dewaere. What makes him really dangerous is that he is intelligent enough to never offer his victim, Patrick Bouchitey, a way to get out of his mental claws. He has found the "weakness" of his prey, and he doesn't let her go. Until... He has this kind of "stupid" intelligence, which makes him very able to get control over the others, but totally unable to perceive what's going on inside of himself. And at the end, he will be the one who will be depicted as the "loser", with his small suit and briefcase, being married without any real choice. Claude Miller never let his characters talk to much. He is a master in organizing what's left unsaid, showing here a glance and letting there a question unanswered...He makes us get into the emotions of Patrick Bouchitey's character, he makes us feel uneasy. Even the presence of the fiancée doesn't really ease the pain, because we feel that it could lead to more humiliation.Until…


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