Friday, April 26, 2013

New wave (2008)

New wave (2008)


As the dreaded qualifying year begins, the solitary and studious Eric is electrified when the rebellious anarcho-punk Romain saunters across the schoolyard. Alienated from, and ashamed of, his rural working-class origins, Eric becomes completely besotted with the sickly Romain; his close relationship with Anna (Béatrice Dalle), and the new wave/punk music that reflects the estrangement and melancholy of the blackboard jungle. Despite their differences, Eric and Romain discover their mutual passion for amateur filmmaking, music and poetry. A tragedy overtakes these fetching young friends, however, but not before they leave a life-affirming legacy.In his sixth and most personal movie, Gaël Morel (Le Clan) tenderly examines the solace that comes with same-sex attraction and friendship- imagined and real-that span class and social divides. 

Dans une ville de province française, Éric, un jeune collégien solitaire, fait la connaissance de Romain, un élève dissipé. Loin de la ferme familiale, Éric découvre le mouvement New Wave avec l'aide de Romain, et décide de monter un vidéo-clip pour une chanson de Romain. L'issue tragique de leur relation décidera de l'orientation de la vie sociale d'Éric.


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