Sunday, July 7, 2013

East Side Story (I) (2006)

East Side Story (I) (2006)


In East Los Angeles, handsome, young Diego works at his family's restaurant while secretly having an affair with a hunky but super-closeted real estate agent, Pablo. For the largely Latino neighborhood, the landscape is literally changing as Anglo people move in, including gay couple Wesley and Jonathan. Diego, increasingly frustrated with his hush-hush situation with Pablo (who, making matters worse, romantically pursues a female relative of Diego's), falls for Wesley - but racist and homophobic friends and relatives of Diego while in Wesley's case, a pissy ex-boyfriend guarantee this spring affair will be no picnic. Almost a companion piece to "Quinceañera", director Carlos Portugal's "East Side Story" employs a perfect blend of humor, drama and soap opera-worthy plot twists in telling this very timely tale of a neighborhood - and some of its residents' lives - in flux.


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  1. I admit it, I'm cliché: I'm a little bit of a romance whore. It's a guilty pleasure thing. And sometimes a home needs to be wrecked. Beautiful guys... Who could ask for more?