Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fall Hot Rain (2006)

Fall Hot Rain (2006)


Here is the low down... we made this film 2 summers ago on a shoe string budget. It was our 1st film and we had no idea of what we were doing! It is a feature film length and it was shoot in 8 days and we did with a budget of under $5000. Basically, $3000 to feed everyone involved in the project and about $1500 is some equipment/set pieces/rent for space.

I am really proud of all the hard work people put into making this story come to life on screen. It is not perfect and we know that. However, the story needs to be told and I hope it touches you in one way or another. 

1. We want people to see this story. It is an important story to be told.
2. We want to possibly re-shoot this film now that we know what we are doing and need to create a little buzz around the content of this film to create opportunities for funding.
3. We already have all sorts of great ideas to make the film better, but are still looking for an audience's perspective, so if you liked something or have a idea of some element of the story that you would like to know more about please write you comments down.

I hoping you can find an hour to watch this film and let us know what you think and forward the movie onto friends you think will appreciate it. 


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